After The Makeover

One of my favorite things to share on this blog is a room makeover.  It is always fun to show dramatic before and after images of a space.  I love every part of the makeover process, from creating the design board to shopping to implementing the design to photographing the "after" shots.  All of these stages are fun and exciting, but the best part of every makeover happens when I leave and the family lives in their new space.
   As my last post in the three part blog series for Folgers "The Best Part" campaign, I would like to share a recent before and after project where I was able to enjoy some time in the space with my client after the makeover.  I was able to experience the best part of the makeover process first hand.  Here is a look at a room I designed for three year old, Kendall.     
The space started as a guest bedroom...
After consulting with Kendall and her parents, I designed a brand new big girl bedroom that included new furniture, bedding, drapes, a custom doll house bookcase, custom wall colors, a hand painted monogram and fun art/accessories.  
Here are some of the "After" shots...
Now, are you ready for the best part of this makeover?  
Here is Kendall settling into her new space....
She brought in her books, baby dolls, little people and princess crowns.
  We spent some time playing babies and reading. 
Then, I watched as she made improvements to my bookcase styling.  
Her additions to the space made it absolutely perfect. 
Thank you, Folgers for inspiring me to share the best part of this project! 
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  1. Beautiful after, and Kendall's face with her arms wrapped around her baby dolls (especially that bald one, lol!) - priceless.

  2. This is the cutest little girl room. I love the lavender on the walls. What color/brand?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love getting your newsletter.

    1. Thank you, Carol! The color is Ben Moore Lavender Lipstick. Merry Christmas, Sarah

  3. What color is the paint? I am redoing my daughter's room and she wants a lavender with gray undertones.

    1. Hi Lizzyloulou, the color is Ben Moore "Lavender Lipstick". Best, Sarah

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  6. What a gorgeous space for a precious little girl! I love how it's so feminine, but not a pepto-pink explosion I see in so many girl's rooms. Great work, as usual!

  7. Love the lavenders ...although it's hard to notice with that adorable little face taking center stage!


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