Makeover Video and Updates

Hey there.  I mentioned a bit ago that I was doing some housekeeping at The Yellow Cape Cod (the blog not the real joint, that takes place every other Wednesday;).  

First on my list was a new header, what do you think? 
Second was to update my home tour.   Over the next few weeks I will be sharing our home room by room.   Third on my list was to update my client project portfolio.  Looking back at past projects, the homes I've been welcomed into and the people I've worked with gets me all emotional.  

Then, I do really cheesy things like put room makeovers to music...

The twins room was one of my favorites. 
While making this, I realized that my youtube channel has almost 375,000 views.  Crazy, I never knew anyone watched my cheesy rock videos. 

Thanks for bearing with me while I make updates to the blog.
Watch the "room makeovers", "custom designs" "DIY projects" and "my home" tabs for recent design projects.

For information on my online design service, please click here.


  1. Your new header looks awesome, Sarah! Great video, too ... you did a fabulous job, and I'm sure that cute, little fella loves his new grownup space!

  2. the new look! For some reason the video wasn't there? Hope you are doing well and staying busy. Sherry

  3. Amazing as always! You really should have your own home design show on HGTV! ;)

  4. LOVE the new header! Can't wait until I am at a place to hire you - you are so amazingly talented!

  5. LOVE the new header! Can't wait until I am at a place where I can hire you - you are so amazingly talented! Love reading your blog!

  6. Love the new look!!!

  7. *sniff* *sniff* that song gets me every time!! so sweet! And congrats to you and your beautiful home in the Better Homes & Gardens Christmas issue- it was FABULOUS!!!!


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