Lower Level Love…A High Style Family Rec Room

Do you have a lower level family rec room?  I do, and this online design project reminded me that mine needs a little love.  This design board is from an online design plan I created for a young family with a beautiful finished basement.  They were looking for a design plan that would give their lower level family rec room a fun and functional design. 

I started this project by separating the large space into three zones.  A tv viewing/video game area, an art area (that would later become a bar once the kids are grown) and a board game/eating area.   

I chose furniture that was multifunctional as well as attractive. 

We gave them a sophisticated design with pops of color and fun geometric prints.   I wanted this space to appeal to the kids as much as the parents.  Although style was high on the priority list, so was comfort.  Fluffy toss pillows and chunky throws were added to a cozy sectional sofa covered in a soft cotton slipcover.  

Some of the family friendly elements of this design include removable, machine-washable sofa slipcovers, a candid family photo gallery, cozy over-sized bean bag chairs and lots of task lighting to accommodate activities in each zone. 

This design plan is a good reminder that every space deserves to be fabulous.  
Especially casual, everyday rooms where we spend our family time.

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  1. Love, love, love!!!! Fantastically functional and stylish! Plus, I'm a sucker for any red decor!


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