Hands On Design Class with Emily and Kristin~Haven

I missed you guys.  We spent last week on the lake in northern Michigan.  I did a little blogging while I was gone.  Check out my Instagram feed to see where I blogged from.  It's not easy to find wifi in the boonies, but when you gotta blog, you gotta blog.

We had a great time, though I'm happy to be back.  There are some exciting projects waiting to go down in the design studio {one that includes video footage...}.

While I was having fun in the sun with friends and family, I was also dreaming about my upcoming trip to Atlanta for The Haven Conference.  I'm totally geeked to be teaching a hands on design class along with two of my favorite interior design bloggers, Emily A. Clark and Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior. 

I've enjoyed getting to know these super cool chics while preparing for our session.  
Click here for the details on our Hands-On Design Class…

Haven Conference 2013

There will be so much to do and so many people to meet.
  I'm looking forward to the trip and can't wait to share it with you.  Camera, get ready.
That new Instagram account is going to be on fire.

 Outside of the conference, I'll have a little time to check out the city for the first time.
  Any advice for me on what to do while I'm in Atlanta?

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  1. Now I am really sad that I sold my haven ticket. This would have been my favorite class hands down. Enjoy your time at Haven, it was great last year mmeeting people in person and talking blog talk. :)

    1. Ange, what a bummer. I would have loved to meet you. Next year! Sarah

  2. Yes, drive down to LaGrange to scope out my new living room for a design project! :-)

    1. Now that sounds like fun, too bad I wont have a car. I'd love to work with you on your living room! We could get started now, it would be a perfect online design project :) Sarah

  3. So excited to meet you, and hope our panels aren't at the same time bc I'm dying to sit in on yours!!!! xo

    1. Hi Cassie, can't wait to meet you and attend your session!! I think we are back to back :)


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