A little late to the Party...

In preparation for upcoming summer trips, I've finally established an Instagram account. This will be an easy way to document The Haven Conference and The Enchanted Makeovers "She Is Me" event. It will also be fun to share behind the scenes photos of daily design escapades.  The stuff that isn't shared on the blog.  

Like this high-stress commute to a job site the other day…

A load of precious cargo,

a centerpiece balanced on my lap,

and a giant fern strapped into the passenger seat.

Exciting stuff, right? 
By visiting me on Instagram you will see that we made it to our destination (just down the street from the design studio) safe and sound. 

For more nail biting, day-to-day design adventures, 
please join Theyellowcapecod on Instagram!


  1. You and I are both arriving fashionably late. I'm getting Instagram later today when I activate my new phone, and I cannot wait!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I found you on Hunted Interiors and I LOVE your house! Your front door, round kitchen carpet and the fabrics on your chairs (kitchen stools and dining chairs) are AWESOME.

    I started my blog exactly one month ago today and I'd love it if you came by when you have a chance!

    Good luck at Haven - I wish I was going!! Next year.
    Annie XO

  3. Another late party-goer here. I've procrastinated until now to embrace Instagram. The last straw was when my hairdresser was using it on me. I'm so out of step with the times!


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