Colin's Room~Unique Art Mixed With PB Decor

This post includes a new addition to The Yellow Cape Cod Home Decor Collection 
(Colin's Clock).

The other day, I told the story of Kendall and Colin.  Adorable twins preparing to transition from their shared nursery into their very own bedrooms (click here if you missed it).  Today, I'd like to share the online design plan I created for Colin's new room…  

Colin's parents just purchased a beautiful new bedroom set that includes a dark wood bed, dresser and nightstand.  Here is the floor plan illustration I provided to help with the new furniture arrangement:

The inspiration for Colin's room design was his love of cars.  These adorable vintage race car prints are from Potterybarn Kids...  

They will look great over Colin's new dark wood headboard.  

I suggested incorporating another piece of art that plays up the vintage car theme.  Something that compliments the Potterybarn prints.  As an example, I suggested this fun, bright, graphic clock (Colin's Clock).  This awesome large-scale clock features pictures of old license plates.

To give a brand new space unique character and personality, I love to mix off-the-shelf retail decor (Potterybarn stuff in this example) with authentic vintage pieces, personalized and/or boutique style art.  

While Colin's Clock would look neat in any space, I especially love it for a kids room.  What a cool way to learn time.  Three dimensional numbers are strikingly graphic and the large scale makes it fun, funky focal point. 

I fell in love with this clock so much that I added it to The Yellow Cape Cod Collection of home decor:  

Colin's Clock (29")  $199
Available for a limited time.  Free shipping offer expires 5/24/13.

Aside from art, another way I suggested we personalize his space is to fill these bright colored canvas totes with Colin's favorite toys.  

DIY molding, like this board and batten image found at The Shabby Nest, is a budget friendly way to customize the room.  White molding and contrasting navy wall color will look amazing against the rich, warm, dark wood tones found in Colin's new furniture. 

Colin's parents have two rooms to install, therefore this plan will be implemented over time.  The main elements are underway but some details (like the board and batten wall treatment) will be incorporated at a later date.  I can't wait to see this room come together and you can count on me sharing the reveal. 

Enjoy your new big boy bedroom, Colin! 
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To Purchase Colin's Clock ($199 + Free Shipping), please click here. 

Product sources:
Dresser, Bedding, Race Car Prints, Storage Bins: Potterybarn Kids
Colin's Clock: TheYellowCapeCod
Paint: Sherwin Williams 

© Copyright 2013 The Yellow Cape Cod


  1. Such a cute boys room! What is the rule of thumb for how high the board and batten should be?

    1. Great question! Thanks for inspiring a new blog post:) Let me gather a few visual aides and a new post on wall molding heights is coming right up. Best, Sarah


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