Twins "Anti-Separation Anxiety" Room Designs

Recently, I had the pleasure of creating two Online Design Plans for the most adorable clients ever.  Three year old twins, Kendall and Colin are preparing to graduate from their shared nursery into their very own rooms.  

At first, they were not excited about the idea of splitting up.  
I was asked to design a brand new space for each of them to help them through their slight separation anxiety.  

Here's a short video:
{Click the lower right corner of the frame below to watch the video larger}

Product source list and details on each design plan coming next week.  As soon as the rooms are finished, I'll be sure to share "after" photos.   The kids are so excited now that they have warmed up to the idea of having their very own room.  

I'll find out how their first night apart went down…
Good luck, Kendall and Colin! 

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***Photography of the twins by Andrea Peardon Photography.


  1. My advise is a double bed or two beds. My 8 and 9 year old still sleep together, despite each having their own rooms. My daughter basically treats her room like a walk in closet. All the playing and sleeping is done in my sons room. Even when my daughter has friends over, they all play in my sons room. I think she has it figured out. She never has to clean her room that way.

    1. Your daughter is so smart! The parents did choose full/queen beds so the kids could have sleepovers together. The kids are excited about thier rooms now that they are used to the idea. Thanks for the tip, Sarah

  2. Beautiful rooms! I can't wait to hear how the first night went! I have 2 sets of twins. My oldests are 8 and they have yet to spend a night without the other, no one wants their own room.


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