DIY Wine Cabinet~Easiest Wine Storage Solution Ever

Last summer, I revealed my budget friendly kitchen makeover.  My goal with this project was to give our builder grade kitchen a custom look on a budget.  Instead of replacing our cabinets, we altered them to make them appear custom. To see how we made them look taller, click here.  

Today, I would like to share how I turned one of the cabinets into custom wine storage.

In my dream kitchen, I would have built in wine storage.  It wasn't in the budget so I improvised with this simple solution.  First, I removed the door and the shelves inside my top corner cabinet.

After a light sanding, I caulked the corners of the inside of the cabinet and the holes from the door hardware.  Then I primed the surface (and the shelves) with Kilz.  I let the primer cure for 24 hours before giving the cabinet/shelves two coats of paint.  I used the leftover paint from my cabinet painting project.  

I purchased my favorite woven storage baskets (and cute labels) from Ballard Designs to hold wine, glasses and cookbooks.   I LOVE these baskets for many reasons.  They fit perfectly inside the cabinet and they are strong and structured enough to hold 5 bottles.  

The rich color and texture provided by the baskets in the corner of the kitchen breaks up long row of bright white cabinetry. 

Another reason I chose the corner cabinet for wine storage was that it was far enough from the heat of the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher.  For more details, including before and after photos on my kitchen transfomation please click here.  

FAQ on this space:
Paint colors: Martha Stewart Tailors Chalk for the cabinets, Martha Stewart Coir on the walls (Coir is discontinued but Martha's Heath is very similar)
Lantern Source: Home Depot
Cabinet Hardware Source: Home Depot
Glass Canisters: Target
Granite: Absolute Black
Details on the cabinet painting experience can be found here
* For information on my affordable online design services, please click here

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  1. The baskets break up that corner perfectly. I had the same issue when I made over my kitchen (white cabinets and black granite, too). I ended up putting glass in four of my cabinets doors. It's amazing how it transformed the kitchen!

  2. They look great, what a clever solution too!

  3. Great idea - I love the look of the baskets against the white.

    1. Thank you, Shelley. The baskets are pretty aren't they, gotta love Ballard.

  4. Looks fan.tas.tic!! I love the rug, where did you find that beauty?

    1. I love that light fixture! And those weave baskets look so divine! I'm amazed that you chose a weave basket for your DIY storage because your kitchen appears to have a modern feel to it. Still, those weave baskets works very well for the whole kitchen!


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