Designing For The Sexes~Cottage Style Goes Reggae

Today's featured online design plan was a fun project {click here for one of your own}.  The clients are a young couple decorating their first home together.  She is a DIY diva that loves cottage style decor.  He has an affection for all things Bob Marley.  They called upon me to design a master bedroom they both will love.  This is a great example of designing for the sexes.  A little bit of her and a little bit of him come together in one unique design.  

One love, one heart, let's get together and…you know the rest.

Here is what I came up with…

Bright colors (turquoise and yellow) and Etsy quotes from the king of reggae himself give the space "his" personality.

For "her", it's custom moldings, beadboard, crisp white painted furniture and cottage style accessories.
White furniture and bright accents are grounded by a mid-tone gray wall color.  You can see in the image below how contrast provided by the gray wall color allows the white chandelier to pop. 

Not only was this design created to reflect both him and her, it was also put together at budget friendly retail stores and loaded with DIY projects.  

In the end, this space has an overall cottage style infused with his passion for Bob through the use of color and art.   To reserve your very own online design plan, please click here.  Now is the time to reserve your spot before the spring rush. 

*Please feel free to use this design as inspiration.  I'm not able to share specific details about this custom design plan out of courtesy to my client.  Thank you for understanding.  

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  1. It's perfect! I try to have a bit of Caribbean feel in my home and I love what you came up with!

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  3. I saw this on Pinterest. I love the color combo. I'm just curious as to what color you would choose for curtains. For me that's the hardest part about decorating a room..

    1. Thank you! Any of the accent colors (yellow, turquoise, gray) or white would look lovely on the windows. I love hearing about common design challenges so thank you for sharing your struggle with drapes. I will be addressing such challenges very soon on the blog so please be sure to check back. Best, Sarah

  4. Are you able to share where the bedding is from? Exactly what Ive been looking for!


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