Vintage Collector's Master Bedroom

Today's featured inspiration board is an all neutral master bedroom designed for a collector of all things handmade and vintage.  The main goal of this plan was to create a soothing, comforting space for decompression at the end of a stressful day.  This neutral space has a home-spun feel that embraces collectables and provides a beautiful backdrop for art and vintage pieces.  

To balance the project allowance, this design plan combines luxurious bedding with budget friendly accessories.  The bulk of the budget was allocated to fabulous bedding and beautiful woven baskets for organization and storage.  The rest of the space was put together with budget friendly elements like an Ikea chair, a rug from Rugs USA and…wait for it…Target lamps!  

Etsy is a great resource for vintage pieces like the clock faces shown in the inspiration board from this shop.  The adorable scrabble pillows were also found on Etsy, here. 

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  1. Great choices. Love the antique ladder!

    Emily @


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