Creating Symmetry with Drapes~Martha and Ash

Last week, I shared a client project for this Westin Hotel inspired sunroom...
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Today, I would like to talk about the drapes in this space.  These beautiful citrus and cream color block drapes were made by Martha And Ash.  Martha and Ash have an online custom drapery shop on Etsy (click here to visit).  Not only do they provide beautiful custom drapes in many colors and styles, but they have gorgeous home accessories, rugs, shades, pillows, custom dog beds and more.  

When I designed this room, drapes were a very important design element.  I needed a specific length so they had to be custom made.  Martha And Ash immediately came to mind.  I chose their "color block" drapes, they are bold and dramatic in a tasteful way.  

These fully lined, linen drapes are timeless and elegant. 

Drapes are always a key element of a great space, but in this room, they played an important role…

The room has a pitched ceiling that is slightly higher on one side.  The windows on each of the three walls are different sizes.  To balance the room and create the illusion of symmetry, the drapes were installed at the same height.  Even on the door wall.  

Thank you, Martha and Ash for creating beautiful custom drapes for Scott and Beth's Westin Inspired Sunroom.  

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**Out of courtesy to my on-site design client, I am unable to share specific product sources other than the product mentioned in this post.  Thank you for understanding. 

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