Michigan Christmas Outdoor Home Tour

One of the things I look forward to every Christmas are the lovely outdoor decorations at my neighbor's house (Vinny and Cheryl Georgeoff).

This year, I drummed up the courage to knock on their door and ask to photograph them. 

It went something like this...

"Hi neighbor, I know we've never met, but I've been stalking your home for years. Would it be ok if I took a few hundred photos and share them on my website?"

Luckily, they were very nice and said yes!

Also, as luck would have it, the morning I knocked on their door we had our first snowfall.  

I thought about dusting the snow off their gorgeous vignettes, but decided it was too pretty to mess with.

The following picture was one that I shot at the very last minute and I think it's my favorite.  
To me, it says "Michigan Christmas". 

I could have snapped pictures all day long.  They do such an amazing job of incorporating a lot of decor while keeping the overall look simple.  

This home is located in a golf course community, yet it feels like a home in the northern Michigan woods.  This little bunny looks like he just crawled out of the little hole in that tree.

Thank you, Vinny and Cheryl, for allowing me to share your beautiful home.  

And,  for giving me something to look forward to each year. 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I'm glad you were brave enough to approach them so you could share it with us! It all looks so beautiful! Love the pops of red and the snow is just perfect!

  2. Beautiful Sarah! Thanks for sharing their lovely home with us. Merry Christmas!
    ~KIM @ Sand & Sisal

  3. Beautifully decorated home. You are better than me I normally just start snapping pics and hope no none pulls a shotgun out to scare me off. LOL I am a Michigander too, and love the small amount of snow we just got.

  4. Oh how I wish I lived by Vinnie and Cheryl! Thanks for sharing, have a beautiful Christmas!

  5. So pretty....wonder what the inside looks like???....Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ohhh beautiful. Very tasteful....love it.

  7. It's beautiful...what awesome neighbors to have! Thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas!


  8. Oh my! That home is gorgeous!!

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    Have a crazy beautiful week!

  9. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love the red's!!!

  10. Darlene and Dave RoetherDecember 24, 2012 at 8:07 AM

    We just moved away from living across the street from Cheryl and Joe. Their home has always been beautifully put together, no matter the season (and the inside is just as warm, welcoming, and beautifully decorated as the outside). They were great neighbors and we miss them.

  11. Beautiful home, Sarah … I'm sure they were flattered you wanted to share their home! Love the red popping against the snow. Happy Thanksgiving!


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