Thrift Store Frames

Today's project is a quick thrift store collection makeover.  At the end of this post, please tell us about your thrift store collections.  What's the first thing you look for when you enter a thrift shop?

Hannah wanted her new room to be filled with pictures of friends and family.  For an instant collection of frames, we hit the Salvation Army.  

We went on half off day so we were able to get various styles and sizes for $1 to $3 each. 

We chose frames that had a unique shape, ignoring the color and finish.

I was able to find Krylon all surface spray paint in the colors of her new room.  

We took one of the largest frames and turned it into a photo-tray for her perfume collection.

First, we sprayed it black and placed an enlarged black and white photo inside.  Then placed in flat in the bookcase next to the frame collection to corral perfume bottles and colorful jewelry. 

We are looking forward to adding to the collection as we come across great frames through our thrifing adventures to come.  

What I love about thrifting is that it's a very economical, quick, one stop shop way to start a new eclectic collection.  We were able to throw this display together in a day and now, we have something to collect and add-to for years.  

Do you have a collection of thrift store treasures?  What do you hunt for?


  1. I just recently followed your lead and sprayed an old jewelry box to add to my bedroom makeover. This is another simple, but great idea. Thanks for sharing, liz

  2. Your frames turned out so beautiful, I love the color combo. Aqua and black are my faves. When I pop in to the thrift stores (usually twice a week) I first look for furniture that can be refinished or restored. Tables, dressers, etc...And next I usually look for curtains, or anything else that I can repurpose as fabric can be expensive. I recently found two Waverly curtains that would have probably cost $60 in fabric for $3. Lurve thifting so much!!!

  3. I've been jumping all over you blog and I can see that I need to spend some quality time with you. I'm your newest follower. Great ideas!
    Cheers! Rita

  4. Love the shapes and the colors you both chose! Very pretty. It will be fun to collect together!

  5. I have been looking for a tray for my perfumes FOREVER! Thank you for the great post and idea to use a picture frame! LOVE!!!

  6. Never thought of using a framed photo as a vanity tray. What a great idea! I will remember that. I am going to follow you. You have such great ideas. Hope you will return the favor. My blog doesn't ave the flare that yours has, but I will get there my following great bloggers like yourself.

  7. Don't have wonderful luck with thrift shops around here, but my first stop is usually a cruise through the furniture section to see if there's anything with potential. That's where the larger frames are in my local store, but there are never any worth grabbing (no good shape/texture/materials). Then I move on to the home goods section where I have found one awesome lamp, pitchers to spray paint for display and an occasional candle stick or interesting dish to re-purpose. I persevere, though, still hoping to find a great score! :)


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