Introducing The Little Mack's~Our First Baseball Team

Today, I have the amazing honor of introducing you to the best T-Ball team around.  This year we (Sarah Macklem Interiors) sponsored a local baseball team.  My husband also pitched in as "Coach".  
It wasn't easy to cheer "Go, Sarah Macklem Interiors" so we nick-named the team,  
"The Little Mack's".

It's been a fun experience.  These guys put their heart into every game.  

My husband said it best when he said, "To them, every game is the world series".  

The ages of the kids on the team range between 4-6 years old, boys and girls.  

They are hands down, the best behaved team on the bench in the league.  

We've had some action packed plays on the field.  Every game so far has been a tie (we are 3-0 but who keeps score in T-ball?).

Most importantly, the sportsmanship shown by every player has been top-notch. 
Instead of high fives after the game, The Little Mack's give bear hugs.  

I have to admit, I have a major league crush on the coach.  

I'll fill you in at the end of the season with more stats. 
Go Little Mack's!!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's fun. These photos are great. Not much of a baseball fan, but kids baseball/t'ball is a different story. They are so entertaining. That goes for any sport really.

    Anyway, I'm Sarah, I am visiting from Pinterest and am now following. Great blog!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Sarah, I am just finding your blog through Pinterest and I love it! I remember the days of little league with my boys when they were little. Great that you are a sponsor! Those were the days!!!

  3. My hubby coached our son's T-Ball team the past 2 years and I was "team mom". It was so much fun! We really stressed having fun and showing good sportsmanship too! I love the bear hugs! That is too cute!

  4. Don't know how I've never seen your blog. Just found it through the Chip It post about your laundry room and am now following.Yes, entered the contest. I go through lots of paint and would Love, love, love to win some! Now your 2301 follower! :0)


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