The Recipe For The Perfect Bed

{While I'm away on Christmas vacation please enjoy this 2011 post re-run}.

A while ago, I wrote a post on the brewing debate between The Duvet Vs. The Coverlet.  In that post, my vote was 100% for the duvet.  Oprah gave us the right to change our minds, right?  After working on this project, I changed mine.  My vote is now for using both...

A special client fell in love with this gray and white bedding at a local boutique. There were two different sets.  One gray cotton/linen duvet set and a white cotton ruched coverlet set. When both bedding sets were combined with carefully chosen inserts this little piece of heaven came to Earth...

Here are the ingredients:

1.  100% Egyptian cotton sheets, 500 thread count.
 (The cool organic feel of these sheets is totally worth the investment. And the wrinkles).

2.  2 Base pillows for sleeping with firm feather-down blend inserts cased in the sheet set shams.  Feather-down blend inserts hold their karate chopped shape the best. They are also insanely comfortable.

3.  Three Large Euro shams filled with feather-down blend Euro pillow inserts.  Two in Gray (matching the duvet cover) and one in white with an adorable ruffled box edge.

4.  One white cotton ruched coverlet

5.  One gorgeous cotton/linen gray duvet cover.

6.  One king sized feather/down high loft maximum fill duvet insert.

7.  Two standard sized white ruched pillow shams with feather/down extra firm inserts and one gray decorative toss pillow.

8.  Two white decorative ruched toss pillows.

And there you have it...




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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing (again) since I missed it the first time!
    Have a wonderful vacation...
    Happy Holidays

  2. Love the bed frame - can you provide where you purchased?

  3. You are right, this looks like Heaven!
    So beautiful!

  4. Beautiful. Is this somewhere in between a duvet and a coverlet? I missed this post the first time. I would have definitely voted for the coverlet. Duvets, if used as a covering while sleeping are just too hot.

  5. where did the bed frame come from?!

  6. I love all the pillows! It looks so comfy.

  7. I also live the bed frame...would love to know where It came from! Great Job!


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