DIY Faux Tree Flocking Tutorial

{While I am on Christmas vacation, please enjoy this 2011 post re-run}

This year, I was on a quest to find a better method for flocking my artificial tree.  I wanted durability, a thick texture and lots of sparkle.  All I could find on the internet were recipes from the 60's with glue and Ivory Soap Flakes.   Sounded way too messy.  

I came up with my own solution.  For this project I used a thrift store tree, a can of white paint and glitter.

I took the tree apart and applied a thick layer of paint on the top of  just the tips of the branches (where snow would naturally fall). 

 While the paint was wet,  I sprinkled it with glitter.  

I reassembled the tree as I went along.  It took about 24 hours to dry and it made a huge mess, I recommend doing this outside.

This is the second year using the flocked tree.

It held up great.  I have to admit, it made a mess when I assembled it.
It wasn't too bad though, definitely worth it.

Thanks for visiting.  
Merry Christmas. 


  1. Again, Genius!
    Not sure why I didn't think of this!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. That tree is so cute! It will end up in another wait and see!


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