31 Days of Character Building: Easy Silhouette Mural Tutorial

Yesterday's post was dedicated to paint colors.

Today and tomorrow, I will be sharing how I used a few simple custom painting techniques to create character in the kids' rooms...

In my Daughter's Room, I wanted to incorporate her love of horses into the design.  Since she is a tween now, I wanted to do it in a contemporary, sophisticated, graphic way. 

Here is how I created this simple silhouette mural:

~First, I painted the wall dark brown.  
~I used an overhead projector (borrowed from our church) to project the image of a horse on the wall and used a pencil to trace the silhouette. 
~I filled in the image using a detail brush (for the outline), a trim brush (for the fill-in), and the aqua wall paint used in the rest of the room.  

To further customize the space, I added a few inspirational sayings.  I did an internet search for inspirational horse quotes.  I typed them into Word, converted them to a large font size and printed them out onto several sheets of paper.  Using pattern tracing paper from the fabric store, I traced the lettering onto the wall.  Using a detail brush and gold acrylic paint, I filled in the outlines.  

A trick I came up with is to use chalk to trace a level line on the wall as a guide for the lettering.  The chalk wipes away easily when you are finished. 

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow!
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  1. Love it! Beautiful colors, quotes and images. Thanks for the chalk tip too...cheers!

  2. hi, could you share where you found such a beautiful silhouette of a horse? My daughter is into horses but it's hard to find tasteful things in that area. I love this idea, I was an elementary school teacher so def know how to use an overhead projector--but not sure about finding the outline. Any suggestions? thanks

  3. Hi Sarah, how sweet! What a fantastic job you did... My daughter is 6 and would love love love this! Thank you for being so generous and taking the time to post all your tutorials and tips! Looking forward to more!

  4. This is Gorgeous I love that its Getting way from pink can't handle the frilly girly look Your Daughter must love it You are Very Talented :-)

  5. AMAZING!!! I love love love this idea!


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