Glossy Black Finish Vs. Rubbed Black Finish (And a Tutorial)

Recently, I shared my technique for the perfect PB worn black paint finish in this video tutorial.  

The PB worn hand rubbed finish is beautiful and timeless. However, depending on the piece and the design of the room sometimes I recommend a glossy black paint finish. Like this:

  I use the glossy black technique for furniture transformations in formal spaces and on pieces with curves 
(such as French Provincial furniture). 

It's basically the same as the aforementioned technique using glossy paint without the distressing step.  A sponge brush/roller works best to avoid brush strokes.  
Glossy paint is not your friend if the piece has a lot of imperfections.

My "Go To" black paint is Martha's "Silhouette".

These two pieces were on their way to the curb before they ended up in my "furniture studio".  My client was ready for a new look and they no longer fit into her decor.  In a last minute decision, she sent them to me for the glossy black treatment.

Here they are After:

She was so happy with her last minute decision to transform the pieces.  
I, on the other hand, wanted to keep them.  Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever fallen in love with a project you worked on for someone else, and mourned the loss after you were finished with it?  

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  1. You're giving me a visual. I am debating what color to use on my guest room furniture. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I have been viewing you for a long time now. I have you in my favorites but just caught on to the whole "offical follow" ;) LOL
    I enjoy your design style and love getting to peek in your home! Thaks so much for letting us in.

  3. Hey, Comeca! Glad I could help. Can't wait to see what you do in your guest bedroom. Thanks for stopping by.

    Shannon, Welcome! I am so happy to hear that you have been reading my blog. Thank you for following and for your sweet comments.

  4. Sarah those came out fabulous!!!!! I do like a gloss finish too!!! Beautiful as always!!!

  5. Just finished an old secretary desk and planning next project already - you are so right, this is addicting!!

  6. beautiful piece! did you put a glossy top coat on top of the paint or a lacquer?

  7. This is a beautiful piece! I am in the process of painting an armoire. Do you recommend using the wax even on pieces that you aren't distressing?

  8. I have this same piece of furniture, I painted it with the Rustoleum hammered silver, absolutely beautiful!

  9. I am so upset as I can't get the video. It is just a blank square. Can you repost please....

  10. I have to say that you are a kind of artistic! As I love classic style kitchens I'll go for rubbed black finish ;)

  11. Look gorgeous. I am a sucker for glossy black finishes. I was planning to paint our piano like this till I read your article. You r saying it won't look nice if it has imperfections. Piano has leone nicks. Is it still o.k to do it?


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