Spring is Here, Well, Not Really But Let's Pretend.

For most of the country the weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, birds are chirping....

Here in Michigan, we are still in the Dead of Winter. 
 Using live plants and elements from nature, I tried to create a little Spring inside.  

Last Summer the kids found this birds nest on the ground under a tree. 

I picked up a cheese dome at "Sally's"  (The Salvation Army).
The nest fit inside perfectly.

I did my best to keep my ferns alive through the winter. 

I think this one made it (barely).  
It's extra large and completely fills up my laundry basket.  It can't wait to go outside.

Nothing says Spring like tulips...

This bouquet has a mind of its own...

The fresh cut flower selection at Sams Club is amazing, 

At $10/bouquet,  I was able to brighten up a few rooms.

Fresh green apples in the kitchen. 

A large fresh fern centerpiece. 

A window garden in the Family Room.

 And my Terrariums-in-a-jar all serve as a reminder that Spring will come...


Does anyone have any tips on keeping ferns alive through the Winter?

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  1. It is supposed to get warm here in NJ today but it is cloudy and in the 50's right now. I love the tulips - they always say spring to me! And I love the idea of putting out the green apples...so springy. I hope you start getting some warmer weather!

  2. I love bringing outside plants in! I have a bunch of wooly thyme from Home Depot in pots all over my house. I love the way you chose to display the plants in your home!

  3. You do have everything looking all "springy". Loving all of the plants that you brought inside, and love the fresh cuts. We are in the upper 70's, lower 80's right now with the threat of tornadoes, (typical spring for us Mississippians). Maybe we will all see some beautiful weather soon.

  4. Ferns are officially a shade plant. So i'd keep them away from direct sun. they like moist soil, but not wet. So watering is probably good....? :)
    Give it a vitamin. Or fertilizer plant kind of vitamin i guess. And oh your tulips... love them!

  5. I live in Ohio so I know what it's like not to feel like spring has arrived until at least May. You've done a nice job of giving your home a spring like feel. I never would have thought to use a real bird's nest, but there is one currently perched in a tree in my front yard that has been there since last summer, maybe I'll snatch it and bring it inside.

  6. You did great bringing spring in! Won't be long now.

  7. That is so funny you called the Salvation Army "Sally's"! Years ago when I lived in Vermont, my neighbor introduced me to the joys of thrifting for kids' clothes so we started calling it "Sally Anne's" like it was some awesome boutique. haha! Love it! And I love all your plants. (I'm Melanie, btw. Hi.)

  8. Hi,
    I am a new follower and loving your blog. Spring has not sprung in my neck of the woods either. If you have a chance hop on over to my place and have a look-see:)

  9. No tips for the ferns but I DO have a 'Tulip Tip'...put a penny in the bottom of the vase when the tulips are fresh and they will stay upright and last longer than if they just fall naturally. (Which I think is pretty too!)


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