Nautical Christmas 2010

The Boys' Room didn't make it in time for my Christmas Home Tour this year.  

We were a little behind due to our hectic schedules. 

Better Late than Never...

They decorated their tree with hand made ornaments from years past,

red, white and blue bulbs and nautical accessories.

  Including their first pair of baby boating shoes.

The matching red robes were a gift from Grandma.

They wear them Christmas morning.

I added a few fresh greens from around the yard.

And Mother Nature provided this view from their window. 

 -11 degrees is pretty from inside...

Merry Christmas to your Little Ones.

Change is good, Tradition is Better.

This Fall our Homeowners Association provided a fabulous display at the entrance to our community.  (You can see it here) 

We were wondering if they would follow up with a spectacular Christmas display.

Turns out, they did what they have done every other year at Christmas time.  

Simple white lights lining the street.

Why improve on something that is so simple and beautiful?  

I'm so glad they didn't try.

 Mother Nature decided it was "Time to put on her Nightgown".

The snow covered trees combined with all the white lights made it too hard for me to resist taking these photos and sharing this display with you.

Christmas Blessings to you and yours.

Christmas Home Tour 2010

Welcome to Christmas 2010 at The Yellow Cape Cod. 
Please click on the photo below to view our Christmas Home Tour in video form (click on the frame to view it larger):  

We went with the "Less is more" theme.  I used sentimental, everyday items as the base of my decor. 

Everything I used, I already had with the exception of a "new" Thrift Store Tree and new energy efficient LED exterior lights. 

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the decorating process a lot more.

Everything was done with true appreciation.

What better time is there to enjoy the simple pleasures?

Our "Advent Calendar" was a huge hit with the kids. 
 It was simply a bowl of numbered votives.  

Each night we burned one in respect to the days left until the big day.

In my daughters room, we suspended Martha's paper stars from the ceiling, as we do every year. 

She decorated her tree with her favorite ornaments.

We used her first Ballet Tu-Tu as the tree skirt.

Each year my Husband gifts her a new snow globe from Eddie Bauer.  It's a treasured collection.

We hung white lights underneath sheer curtain panels for a majestic nite-light.

The Living Room Mantle was put together using faux and fresh greens & our favorite Ballard Stockings.

Our new Thrift Store Tree was flocked with glitter and showcases my Hallmark ornament collection from my Dad. 

In the Master Bedroom....

A vignette dedicated to vintage ornaments and baby mementoes.

Including our Family Christening Gown, Our Babies' First Shoes, and photos.

Fresh Greens and Blooming Paperwhites in the Master Bath. 

I wish I could post the smell...

Thanks for visiting.  

Linking up to Hooked on Houses

Merry Christmas.

Our Christmas Tree

This tree is upstairs in the Living Room. The ornaments on this tree are very special.
 My Dad bought me a Hallmark ornament every year until he passed away 2 years ago and this is the collection.

I found this tree at my favorite thrift shop and was able to get it for $20.  It was in good condition and I loved the tall slim shape. 

I used one of the urns from the front porch to give it a potted effect.

I have always wanted a flocked tree but couldn't justify the cost. So,  I came up with my own method of flocking using latex paint and glitter.
  You can see the tutorial here.  

I added lots of red and green bulbs in different textures; flocked, shiny, matte and sparkly.  The monogrammed "ornaments" are internet printables in Dollar Tree frames. 

I'm linking my tree up to
The amazing Tree Party @ Thrifty Chic Decor.
 Merry Christmas!
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