Chic Pet Bed

Has anyone tried to find a cute pet bed lately? I searched and searched for one that was cheap, machine washable, comfy and went with my decor. No luck. I was starting to panic because I thought I may have to sew one. But then, it came to me...

I went to Target and bought a new fluffy standard sized bed pillow, a waterproof pillow cover, and two cute pillow cases (one extra to have one hand if there is an accident). A king sized pillow and cases could be used if you have a larger dog. I assembled the pillow and the cases. I attached Velcro along the open end of the case to close.

Viola! A cute, comfy pet bed! Project cost $20.


  1. How cute!

    I just found your site through Rate My Space. I just love the brown that you used on the walls in your master bedroom. My hubby and I are wanting to paint our bedroom brown this weekend! If you wouldn't mind, can you post what the paint color is? Thanks so much!!!

  2. Anna, Thank you for joining my Blog! Have fun with your project this weekend! The color I used in my Master is called Brown Fox by Ralph Lauren.
    Good luck! Show us your "after" pictures!


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