Tiny Home Office Nook Makeover

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Years ago we built a little desk under the dormer window in our hallway and it's served as the family computer area ever since. Now that the kids are away at college, I'm claiming the space as my mini home office. 

I'm super busy in the design studio right now and I don't have a lot of time to devote to complicated home improvement projects. I'm tackling this little makeover with three goals in mind... First, it needs to be a quick & easy project using readily available merchandise. Second, the tiny space needs to function for both my design business and my personal business. Third, it needs to look neat, tidy and of course, stylish!

Here's what the space looks like now...

As you can see, it has good bones, but it's not very stylish, neat or functional. It won't require a lot to change that though.  I was able to plan and design my little home office makeover project using fabulous, quick ship Amazon finds! Here's the design plan...

I'm going to start by painting the desk black. To protect the new finish, I'm placing this lovely Black Leather Desk Mat on top. Instead of a typical plastic chair mat, I'm going to bring style with this gorgeous Rug Runner. For light control, I'm going to put this soft ivory Fabric Roman Shade on the window.  I found this attractive bronze and brass Pendant Light & Adapter Kit that will easily adapt to my existing recessed light for a major upgrade. These Stacking Wicker Storage Bins will bring texture to as well as storage for unattractive office stuff. These Brass Photo Frames will allow me to personalize my desk. This realistic Potted Faux Plant will be a low maintenance option. These Large Beads, this yummy Storm Scented Candle, and these beautiful Stone Coasters are definite must haves. Lastly, I realized I couldn't have a gorgeous new desk area and have my same old brief case laying around, so I'm upgrading to this Brief Case Tote. And these stylish Blue Light Glasses.

Everything's already been ordered and delivered! Now, I'm gonna to get to work on the makeover and I'll be back in a few days to show you the "After"!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share this project with you! 


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