Choosing the Right Wall in Your Room for an Accent Wall

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Have you ever wanted to create a dramatic accent wall in a space, but you're unsure of which wall to use? It's not always easy to choose and there are a few things to consider. If the room has multiple focal points, vaulted ceilings, walls of windows, walls of varying heights, an angled fireplace, etc. it's not always obvious where your accent wall should go.

I just delivered a design plan to a client that required some thoughtful consideration in choosing which wall to use for a dramatic accent wall in her favorite dark green color. Her Master Bedroom has a grand, spacious feel due to tall vaulted ceilings. I chose to create the accent wall and position the furniture against the largest, tallest wall in the space even though it is the only asymmetrical wall. The peak of the vaulted ceiling lies off center on this wall, but painting that wall dark and placing the furniture in just the right spot, this large open room will feel perfectly balanced, symmetrical, cozy and intimate. 

Take a look...

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