Home Office Design - Best Room in The Zoom

*I now have openings for new online design projects! Please note, I have a limited amount of spots available and they will be filled on first come, first serve basis. 

I'm really enjoying the Home Office Design Plans that I've been working on lately! My clients have been requesting stylish, functional and inspiring makeover plans for their home workspaces. The design project I'm about to share was just created for a client's small space that needs to look great as a first impression room (right off the foyer), and it needs to pull double duty as a home office space and a landing spot for the family's new puppy. I created a design plan that will give this room a ton of style with a little drama thrown in to make her room the best one in the zoom! 

Check it out...

If you would like a custom design plan for your home, remember I have a few openings! 

Also, keep in mind I'm extending my offer for  $150 OFF my design fee for Home Office/Study Spaces to help with the shift to work/study from home during this unprecedented time. If you have a unique work from home situation that you would like to discuss before booking, please feel free to reach out to me directly at theyellowcapecod@yahoo.com or make your reservation here. 

I hope you are all doing well!
*Offer available while appointment slots last. Limit one discounted space per client. Discount applies to Home Office/Home Study Spaces only.

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