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If you follow me on social media, you may have caught my posts regarding our new family lake house. Just before Quarantine 2020, we closed on a 1934 cabin located in the woods of Northern Michigan. Once the quarantine was announced, I moved my design studio there to work remotely while hunkered down with my family. 

(Here's a look at the living room when we closed on the cabin). 

This is not how I envisioned announcing our new adventure. I had plans of making the announcement and then taking you along on a series of "before" and "afters"... but as we've all been reminded, life doesn't always go as planned. Therefore, I decided to just start sharing our new place in real time, before any projects commence, as my family gets to know our cabin. And, it's pretty cozy already!

(Another angle of the living room when we closed on the cabin)

I'd love for you to follow along. I created a story highlight on my Instagram to share photos and videos of our new cabin that we've named, "Camp Big Bear". I've already shared a few our our "firsts" at Camp Big Bear. Such as; our first meal, first sunset, as well as the discovery of some of the fun quirks (a face on a tree outside the bathroom window). lol. 

Today, I'd like to share the first design board I created for the camp. This is the design plan I have created for the Living Room. It will be the first space I cozy up as it's the most used. 

Take a look at the plan for the
Camp Big Bear Living Room...

(Sources: Art  Rug  Quilts  Pillows)

The previous owners left a unique antler lighting story, and a nice set of black leather sofas which are insanely comfy and in great shape. I'll be keeping them in the space and building the design from there. The room already has so many amazing features. Here is a look at the new furniture arrangement I have planned...

I'd like to keep all of the new design elements very simple, as not to compete with the gorgeous hand hewn log walls, the stone fireplace and the amazing knotty pine ceiling. (More to come soon regarding the history of this cabin). I'm currently searching the marketplace for second hand log accent furniture. I would love something vintage if it comes along. I'll be cozying up the sofas with throw pillows and quilts. A large, natural fiber area rug will provide texture and warmth over the tile floor. And, a pretty piece of art depicts the color palette I'm using as well as pays homage to our new lake. 

(So far, Murphie loves it here).

Right now, taking care of my family and my design clients is my priority, but I look forward to some Camp Big Bear projects in time. Please stay tuned! I hope you and your family are well and staying safe. Thank you for stopping by today and take care my friends!

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