Christmas Living Room Decor Design Plan

Today, I'm sharing a simple, quick, recipe for a stylish, sophisticated, Christmas Living Room that I created using budget friendly items that can be easily ordered through Amazon. It doesn't take a lot to bring perfectly curated holiday cheer to your space...These elements come together to add just the right amount of Christmas to your room...not too much, but enough to create a stylishly festive atmosphere...

Here are the links to all of these great finds...

On the mantle, the sign and candlesticks look great layered in front of an existing mirror or everyday piece of art. The buffalo stockings look like a designer find...they are a fantastic bargain at less than $10 each. They will look amazing hanging from the mantle decorated with a prelit, twinkling garland. 

The tree in this space comes alive with white lights, red Christmas balls and eye-catching black and white fabric ribbons. The galvanized tree collar gives the tree a finished look. Stunning black and red gift wrap combined with graphic gift tags brings this Christmas Living Room design plan to a perfect close. 

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