Multiroom Farmhouse Flavored New Construction Design Plan

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I absolutely love the opportunity to create multi-room design plans for my clients! It's so much fun to create separate spaces that flow with one another, while giving each room it's own personality and purpose. Case in point, this 3 Room E-Design Plan I recently created for a client's brand new Eat-in Kitchen, Family Room and Foyer. This family has a love of classic, timeless design and a little bit of a crush on modern farmhouse style. After consulting with them and learning about their new home, their family, style preferences, budget and lifestyle, I created a plan to help them bring this cozy, comfortable and stylish look to their brand new home. 

Take a look...

Here is a look at all three of the spaces I designed for them together.
You can see how the designs flow beautifully...

Thanks for stopping by today and letting me share this fun project with you! 
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