Quick Bathroom Refresh with Smart Tiles

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Hi there! I've missed you! It's so great to be blogging today! Thank you, to everyone who has reached out to check on me! I've been away, working on some very exciting projects back stage in the Design Studio. I can't wait to share the details! But first, I'd like to share a really quick bathroom refresh I pulled together for my kids' bathroom at The Yellow Cape Cod...

The kids'  bathroom was starting to show it's age and needed some TLC. 
Here's a quick peek...


One day on a whim, I decided to give it a mini-makeover. With everything I had going on in the Design Studio, my goal in this project was to keep it QUICK and SIMPLE. As far as the overall design was concerned, I wanted to give the space a look that was a little more grown up. A new look was an exciting motivator, but overall, my main goal was for the space to feel neat, clean, fresh and bright.


The first step in the makeover was some quick note taking of the things that were starting to show wear. The walls, floors, vanity, tub, toilet, woodworking and fixtures were all on the list! I set out to update and refresh all of these elements on a budget, and in just one weekend. 



The very first project I tackled was to replace the toilet seat. Not the most glamorous job, but it was an instant improvement for only $15! Then, I moved on to the floor. Our ceramic floor tile was still in good shape, but the grout was stained and dingy. It was also worn down and thin in a few areas. I used a grout sanding bit and my reciprocating saw to remove the old grout. Then I bought a small tub of premixed grout and applied a new layer. The results were quite amazing!


Once the grout was dry, I began painting the wainscoting, trim, doors and vanity with a fresh coat of white paint. Instead of painting the walls above the wainscoting, I decided to install Smart Tiles from Home Depot instead. You may remember that I installed these very same Smart Tiles in my Kitchen as a back splash a few months ago. I love how shiny and reflective these faux tiles are, and even more so, I love that I can wipe them down! I had some left over and the company graciously offered to send me the rest of the supply needed to do this space. 

Installing Smart Tiles is a simple process and for me, went fairly quickly. It doesn't require a lot of tools and most of them you probably already have in your tool box. HERE  is a link to a tutorial I wrote for the Home Depot Blog when I installed this product in my kitchen. And, HERE is a short little video. 


I introduced some much needed storage in the form of this cute cart from Home Depot. This piece is great for storing towels and bathroom accessories that would otherwise take up valuable counter space (making the room feel cluttered). 

I hit up one of my favorite discount stores, Home Goods, for some pretty accessories and new towels.  

To make the shower feel new, I deep cleaned it and added a new shower curtain, rings and rod. Around the edges and at the base of the tub, I removed the old caulk and replaced it with a fresh application.  

I dressed up the old vanity with shiny new hardware. I went with a chrome finish for a little bling. 

The last details I addressed in my bathroom refresh were doorknobs and light switch covers. We still had the brass doorknobs that were installed by the builder and they really dated the space. I switched them out with new black knobs from Home Depot. I removed all of the light switch covers and gave them a fresh coat of bright white paint. 

Without any major changes, the bathroom feels brand new. By refreshing the current elements, I was able to give the space a bright, clean, look in just one weekend, without spending a lot of money. 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share this quick project with you today. I'll be back in a few days to share some of the client design projects I've been busy working on!

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*Smart Tiles supplied me with the Metro Grigio Tiles used in this space. 

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