How We Made A Large Expansive Bedroom Feel Warm and Cozy

Welcome to Day 7 of my 31 Days of Design Series. Due to a sponsored post and a very exciting client project that needed my full attention, I'm a couple days behind on writing this series. Not to worry though, I'll be caught up in no time because I can't wait to share some of the projects that I have been working on in the design studio. 

Like today's featured design plan...

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This Master Bedroom was created for a client that has a timeless, traditional design style preference.  She was longing for a Master Bedroom Retreat that feels warm and inviting. The space itself was large and expansive, our goal was to create a sense of warmth and intimacy with our design choices.

To give this large space a more intimate feeling while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look, we used appropriately scaled furniture and accessories. We selected items that were substantial and large in scale. We also added a ton of character and warmth to the room with a custom molding treatment. 

The bed is the focal point of the design. We gave her two options to consider, one is a beautiful upholstered headboard and the other is a rich, dark wood bed that coordinates with the dresser and bedside tables we chose. 

At the foot of the bed, we placed an upholstered ottoman. We selected a gorgeous, custom fabric for this piece, "Piper Mineral" a mineral blue/green fabric that we also used to cover a chair that my client already had in the space. We also recommended adding a pretty throw to the ottoman for added color and texture. 

We found a large scaled, dark finished, traditional style bedroom set that is slightly distressed and has an heirloom style...

To contrast with the dark stain featured on the furniture, we chose light, soothing blue and warm white bedding. 

Here is an actual page from the design plan that illustrates how we recommended that the bedding is applied to the bed...

To ground the large space and break up the expansive amount of soft white wall-to-wall carpeting, we incorporated this amazing area rug...

This rug picks up on all of the colors used in this design. It highlights the wall color which is a grayish green, and also features the blues used in the bedding and custom upholstery.

Another trick we used to add a sense of intimacy was to incorporate a large overhead chandelier. This piece fills up some of the open vertical space and brings the height of the ceiling down a bit. It provides romantic mood lighting when placed on a dimmer. For task lighting, we placed a reading lamp on each bedside table. 

To dress the windows, we layered full length, custom drapery panels over natural fiber roman shades. This gives the windows a luxurious look and the layered effect creates a feeling of warmth. 

To personalize the design, we incorporated a gallery of artwork created by our client's son framed in gold. To draw even more attention to the gallery we included a golden arrow plaque...

Speaking of gold, check out these adorable gold mirrors we recommended for the space over the headboard...

A trio of large scaled candlesticks were the perfect accessory for the top of the dresser. They are available with realistic looking battery operated candles...

These are just some of the items we placed in this design plan. As with all of our projects we provided a custom design board, specific product recommendations for furniture, art, decor, fabric, accessories, window treatments, paint colors and lighting, a true to scale floor plan illustration that shows where each piece should be placed, and tips on how to implement the new design. 

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  1. Very Beautiful! What is the color on the walls?

  2. Very Beautiful! What is the paint color on the walls?

  3. Wow, that design requires a spacious bedroom.


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