An Adorable Halloween Party Planned In Less Than Five Minutes

This is the busiest time of year for my design studio and blog. It also happens to be a very busy time for my family with fall sports, school events, holidays and birthdays. Anything I can do to save time and make my life easier is a blessing. Last week as I was checking my email, something magical happened, I clicked on an email and five minutes later, I had a whole party planned and on it's way to my home in one neat little box...

The email I received was from The Tom Kat Studio, it contained a link to an article on How to Plan The Perfect Halloween Party. The article included menu suggestions, recipes, links to a coordinating line of decorations/party supplies, free downloadable printables for framing and even a shirt for the hostess to wear! Basically, it was an entire party perfectly planned, organized and coordinated.

As I read the article, I added decorations/party supplies to my shopping cart, printed out a free 8x10 printable and created a shopping list for food items. I created a Facebook page for the event to invite our guests and coordinate RSVP's. Within minutes my entire party was totally organized and on it's way. In the time that it took to read my emails, I had the major task of planning a special event for the kids checked off my list. 

Here is how it turned out...

On the day of the party, it turned out that I was running even shorter on time than I originally thought, so I made some last minute menu substitutions. Instead of making the cute little ghost cupcakes and party popcorn, I grabbed some pre-made cupcakes, cheeseballs and chips from Sam's.  

The slight feelings of mommy guilt I had over purchasing the food instead of making it went away as soon as I saw how special everything looked once it was displayed with the pretty party supplies. 

I can't tell you how much I appreciated being able to have this special party for the kids without having the stress associated with planning it during this busy season. 

Here is a list of the items I purchased from the Halloween Party Collection at The TomKat Studio:

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share our little Halloween party story with you. For links to more products, tips, advice on how to put together this look in your home visit The TomKat Studio. 

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