Teal, Purple and Gray Living Room and Dining Room Design Plan

Instead of highlighting just a few of the elements included in today's featured online design project, I thought it would be fun to share the entire design plan. This is a recent E-Design project that we completed for our client; Stacey. (If you are interested in reserving an online design consultation for your home, we are currently open for new clients. Please click here for more information). Stacey is a returning E-design client, you will see in the slides below there are references to other rooms we have designed in Stacey's home. 

This plan addresses Stacey's Formal Living Room and Formal Dining Room. These are the first spaces you see upon entering her foyer, therefore she wanted them to be extra special. These rooms are used mainly for entertaining. After consulting with Stacey, we learned a lot about her style preferences which tend to lean towards "Glam". She likes an overall neutral color palette with injections of vibrant color. Stacey was looking for a design plan that included all new furniture recommendations, there wasn't anything pre-existing that she wanted to keep. 

Here is a look at the full Two Room Custom Online Design Plan presentation we delivered to Stacey…
(All product sources listed at the bottom of this post).

Here is another look at the design boards for the Living Room and Dining Room side by side...


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Product sources for the items we included in this plan:

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  1. The bookcases are my favorite element of this design! I can imagine those in my home! Gorgeous!


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