Luke's All Sport Bedroom

Continuing with my month-long, "New Year, New Room" blog post series, I would like to share a bedroom we just designed for nine-year-old, Luke. Luke's mom came to us and asked for an online design plan to help her take Luke's room from "Little Boy Room" to "Big Boy Room" for his ninth birthday gift. 

Here is what we came up with...

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Luke lives for sports, not just one sport either. He plays hockey, football, basketball and baseball! He has a pretty cool collection of sports memorabilia from many different pro teams as well as his own growing collection of trophies and medals. The dilemma his mom was having was how to tie all the different team colors into one cohesive design. 

(True to scale floor plan illustration of Luke's new room). 

We got to work creating a sports themed design that embraced all his different favorite team colors and gave him plenty of storage and display space for his growing collection. We started by recommending a makeover on his current furniture, a black paint job to give it a fresh updated look and to ground the multi-color design. There was no need to replace his current furniture, unless my client decided that she was not up for a DIY paint project. In that case, they could purchase a new set in a black finish. 

For the wall color, we selected this gorgeous, neutral, Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams. This is one of my favorite grays. You may have seen it in a few of my room makeovers like the one below, Jack's Snowboard Room. 

As a matter of fact, Jack's Snowboard Room was one of Luke's Mom's favorite rooms. Therefore, I  incorporated some similar design elements, such as the tone-on-tone stripe treatment on the walls.

For lots of drama, to give the room a definite sports theme and to keep it feeling youthful, we recommended that Luke select one of the giant canvas wall murals from PB Teen for the wall behind his bed. He decided on this football silhouette, great choice Luke!

Luke's mom mentioned that she liked Potteryban, which was great, they have a lot of fun, off the shelf, readily available kids room merchandise at both PB Kids and PB Teen. A lot of the elements in this design were chosen from PB Teen, such as the bedding. The quilt we selected is the design element that will tie the entire design together. The colors featured in this bedding include many of the team colors displayed in his sports memorabilia collection. The bedding also includes gray which picks up the wall color and brings the entire design full circle. 

For Luke's window, we chose simple, full length, solid colored drapery panels. Keeping the drapery simple and solid will let the fun, striped bedding, large dramatic mural and his colorful collectibles get all the attention. 

One of my favorite elements we incorporated into this space is this cool, industrial style bookcase. This will give Luke plenty of storage and display space for his special things. We suggested these fun, locker style bins to place in a few of the bottom shelves to corral some of his equipment. 

 Continuing with the locker theme, we selected this fun, locker lamp to place next to the bed for task lighting.

Part of Luke's collection includes some framed pro athlete profiles and plaques. We suggested a gallery wall over the dresser. To give the gallery even more interest, we included these small ball themed shelves where Luke could showcase his favorite trophies alongside his favorite pro athletes. 

The best part of this design was the email I received from Luke's mom this morning telling us how excited Luke is about his new room. Thank you, Luke, for giving us the opportunity to design it for you! Happy Birthday!

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