DIY Mosaic Tile Mirror Shelf

Today I'm taking a short break from my "New Year, New Room" Series to share a special DIY project. As you may already know, last year I had the incredible opportunity to partner with The Home Depot's Do-It-Herself Workshop 2015 Program. In addition to hosting live quarterly workshops in various cities around the mid-west, I also had the honor of designing a DIY project (behind the scenes) for The Home Depot to feature in one of their DIH Workshop's throughout the country!! (Pinch me). The project I created was a "Mosaic Tile Mirror Shelf". 

Take a look…

It was so exciting to watch Do-It-Herselfers around the country attend the Mosaic Tile Mirror Shelf Workshop last year and make one of these for their own home! I loved hearing all the positive feedback on how the project turned out. Every time I look at mine, I'm reminded of all the ladies that attended this workshop, many of them using power tools and learning to tile for the very first time! 

 I hung my shelf in our master bedroom next to the window. It does a great job of bouncing natural light around the space, the texture the tile provides to the space is amazing and the reflection of the candle light in the mirror is uber romantic (*blushes). 

If you would like to make a Mosaic Tile Mirror Shelf for yourself and you missed the in-store DIH Workshop, NO Worries!  CLICK HERE for the step by step instructions.

Creating a project that is featured by The Home Depot DIH Workshop program kind of makes me feel like a proud new Mom. Thanks for stopping by today and letting me brag about my baby! 

If you would like to revisit a few of the other DIH Workshop Projects I participated in, here they are…
(click on the photo to visit the post with a detailed DIY project tutorial for each project)

To register for the DIH Workshop in your area, please click here. 
Online Design Services are now available. Please click here for details

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