Changing Up Artwork For New Inspiration

It goes without saying that art is one of the easiest ways to give a room personality or change the mood of a space. As as Designer, I often us art as a jumping off point for an entire room design. I did this in my daughters room a few years ago. We purchased a piece of custom art with a ton of personality and used it as the inspiration for her design. We still love the original art, but recently we had an opportunity to change it up and try something new. contacted me and asked if I would like to try out a custom map canvas. When I started to think about places in the world that may have personal significance in our home,  I thought about my daughter and her love of New York City. Her Grandmother took her on a trip to the city a few years ago and she has been enamored ever since. Her dream is to live there, and since I am all about using interior design to feed her dreams,  a piece of NYC inspired art would have a perfect place above her bed. 

 Not only did the new map art fit right into the space, but it has inspired her to make a few more changes to her room. The inspiration board above shows her new custom map canvas with her bedding and a striking black and white molding treatment and painted ceiling that she has been inspired to incorporate. Art is powerful and inspirational, in this case may have inspired her to try her hand at a DIY molding project.  That's my girl!

To really highlight the new piece, I draped a few strands of oversized ball string lights across the canvas. It creates a beautiful soft glow and night and adds to the ambiance of the city-inspired art. This also provided a little whimsy to the bold, graphic, quality of the map. The graphic impact of the map art happens to be one of the reasons this new piece worked so well with her room design. The oversized chevron pattern on her feature wall (a tutorial on that project can be found here) calls for a piece of art that is simple, but striking and this piece fits the bill. 

Even though her room was originally designed around another piece of art, it was simple to incorporate a new piece. The black, white and gray palette I chose for her custom map art complements the other design elements in the space. These maps can be made in just about any custom color palette you select. By pulling an accent color from your existing design, you can easily incorporate a custom map that fits right into your decor. 

In addition to choosing a specific geographic location that has meaning to you and select your own color palette, you can also customize the size of your map canvas. I went with a piece that was similar in size to the other piece we have. This allows me to switch between the two pieces without making any other changes in the space relating to scale. Sometimes when your changing up your art, you may find that a difference in size can throw the room out of balance. In this case, having a piece made that was similar in size to what we had before ensured that the room would still have the same sense of balance. We can switch the two pieces up at any time without the need to change anything else. 

My husband often jokes that our home is like a living, breathing, ever changing animal. Nothing ever stays the same for long. That goes with the territory of being married to a design blogger. But in all seriousness, I think our homes should be ever changing and be able to reflect the different seasons of our life. Having the ability to have a custom piece of art made in the size and color of your choice makes it easy to bring renewed inspiration to a space. 

You can find out more about having your own custom map canvas made here. 
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*I received a map canvas from in order to facilitate this review post.

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  1. Polka dot is my favorite!! Love the sheets { I have too} & I neeeeed those boxes hehe! #perfect & Now I'm missing NYC more then ever..;)

    Happy Tuesday ,Sarah



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