DIY Dollhouse From A Bookcase

I'm always excited to share a good DIY project here on the blog. Today's DIY project is extra special. Not only because it turned out so cute or because it was so much fun and also very simple to put together, but because it's going somewhere very special. A few weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity to partner with and Wayfair to create a DIY Dollhouse to be donated to our local children's hospital. 

Instead of starting from scratch or using a pre-fabricated doll house kit to create the structure, I ordered this simple white Bookcase From Wayfair (Wayfair generously provided a gift card for the purchase of this bookcase)...

To make the bookcase look more like a house, I hit up the craft store. To give the structure character and architectural detail I picked up a bag of miniature moldings, a package of mini-windows and a doll-house fireplace.

I grabbed an assortment of scrapbook papers to use as wallpaper and Modge Podge to use as my wallpaper paste. 

I also picked up some craft fur to use as carpeting and a battery operated locker chandelier (that really light up). 

After the craft store, I headed to the toy store for furniture and figurines. I selected a line of dollhouse accessories that are completely plastic, therefore they could be cleaned and sanitized as needed. The bright colors of this collection were the perfect complement to the neutral decor I had planned for the inside of the house itself. 

Once I had all my supplies and a game plan, it was time to get to work. 
The first thing to go into the bookcase was the scrapbook-wallpaper. Each room got a different pattern. Once the Modge Podge wallpaper paste was dry, I began installing the architectural details. The mini-moldings, windows and fireplace received a coat of white spray paint. Then, I attached them to the structure using a hot glue gun. 

I mounted the chandelier using Command Strip Velcro Fasteners. This will allow it to be easily removed and put back into place when it comes time to change the batteries. I cut the craft fur into four sections to fit each room. It made the most perfect shag carpeting.  

The plastic dollhouse accessory kits I purchased to go along with the house include a family of four (Mom, Dad, Sister and Baby), a kitchen set, dining room collection, nursery outfit and a new mini-van for the garage (bottom right compartment). I left the furniture kits and accessories in the packaging so that the new recipients could have the fun of opening them and arranging the furniture inside the house. As a child, I would have loved to be able to do the arranging myself. 

I'm excited to deliver the dollhouse to Detroit Childrens Hospital (DMC) next week. Please visit my facebook page, twitter and Instagram for updates and behind the scenes pics of the delivery. 

My friends at Funky Junk Interiors, Makely Home, A Bubbly Life and Lia Griffith also participated in this partnership Porch and Wayfair. You have to stop over and see their versions of the DIY Dollhouse Project...each one is so unique and totally amazing!!!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity Porch and Wayfair.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my goodness... it will be like Christmas morning when those boxes get ripped open! So adorable! I love how the accessories will stand out against the black and white! Soooo adorable!

    1. Thanks Donna! I am so in love with your up cycled Barbie house! I want one!! xo Sarah


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