Stylish Gifts For The Host/Hostess of Your Holiday Party

If you're like me, our mom's taught us to never arrive at a holiday party empty handed. I usually ask if there is something I can bring beforehand, but if the answer is no then it's up to me to think of something. Do you ever struggle with what to bring? Depending on how well you know the host/hostess choosing a gift can be challenging. To make it easier on us this year during the holiday rush, I teamed up with Lowes Home Improvement to create a handy list of stylish gift ideas any host or hostess would love to receive.

One of my favorite host/hostess gifts is a fresh centerpiece. This year, I put together beautiful centerpieces using fresh, vibrant red poinsettias from the garden center. To make them look extra special, I removed the foil wrap from the plants and placed them in eye-catching, black and white striped canvas totes I purchased at a craft store.

This arrangement is very simple and easy to put together, yet it's strikingly beautiful. I made these for myself as I am the holiday hostess this year, but any holiday host/hostess is sure to appreciate a centerpiece like this at their holiday gathering. After the holidays, they will have a chic storage tote.

Here are some of the other host/hostess gift ideas I came up with while shopping at Lowes:

The final gift suggestion I'd like to make is any combination of these items could be placed in an attractive container to create a generous host/hostess gift basket. A gift basket is ideal for the host/hostess that is hosting you overnight or even for a few days. I hope this list comes in handy as you dash out the door and stop off at Lowes on the way to your holiday party.
Happy Holidays.

P.S. This post is sponsored by Lowes. In order to facilitate this post, I received compensation. However, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I found that basket at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago and just last night put some poinsettias in it on my informal dining room table. Looks just like yours. LOVE it!


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