Pre-Made Wreath Becomes A Gorgeous, Large Scale Centerpiece

If you are hosting a holiday dinner this year and want to set a beautiful, impressive table, but your short on time, this post is for you.  This is the easiest centerpiece ever, and it gets a lot of attention.  It's large in scale, colorful, smells delicious and sets a festive mood.  The other major benefit to this centerpiece is that it will last the entire season and can be used year after year.  I have shared this project in the past, but it makes an appearance every fall.  This is a great alternative to the fresh flower centerpiece I shared the other day.  

The biggest plus, is that anyone can put this together in less than 5 seconds.  Even those of us who don't consider ourselves crafty, this project is (for lack of a better term) 100% fool proof.  Actually, I hate to even refer to it as a "project" because all it required were three simple things…

A beautiful, large scale fall pre-made wreath... 

A clear glass canister from the kitchen...

And a yummy fall scented candle (unscented works too)…

All you need to do is lay the wreath on the table, place the jar inside the hole in the wreath and stick the candle inside the jar.  Voila...

Okay, I lied.  There were actually four things used in this project.  After I initially assembled the centerpiece I decided I wanted my candle to stand up higher so I set the jar on top of a can of tuna. 

This particular wreath is from Sams Club.  I like to shop there for pre-made holiday decor items because they are typically larger in scale.  Since Sams Club sells commercial grade products, they are usually bigger than decor items made for residential use.  I have also found some beautiful pre-made wreaths this year at Michael's and Hobby Lobby if you don't have a Sams Club nearby.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Back to work!

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All photos credit to Sarah Macklem of The Yellow Cape Cod. 


  1. Very clever! You have the best ideas! I have those same glass canisters and have never thought to use them as candle holders! Love it! Xo Kathy @The Daily Nest

  2. I like to use this idea too and if the wreath has a larger center, you can group multiple glass containers inside...raising them up on cans of tuna or even salmon of course! :)



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