Create A Home Work Station Using What You Have

Today over at Houzz, I'm sharing a fun back to school project.  I claimed a small, un-used area in our home and repurposed a pile of cast-away furniture to create a quiet study zone for the kids.  The new homework station has already inspired my boys to study and organize their supplies (even though school hasn't started yet).  I was able to create something our home needed (a quiet study area, away from the hustle and bustle) using things we already had (a pile of un-used furniture).  Bringing pieces of old furniture with sentimental value out of storage and putting them to use in our home was the best part of this project.  

(This photo is the space and the pile of furniture BEFORE)

Come on over to Houzz to see the full article, see the AFTER and read my tips on how you could create something similar…

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