A Custom Ceiling Treatment For Erica's Living Room Design

Today's featured design is a project we just wrapped up for Erica's Living Room.  We have worked with Erica in different spaces of her home.  This time she gave me the privilege of creating a warm, inviting living room for her family. 

During our consultation, Erica completed our project questionnaire which gave us everything we needed to know about the space, her lifestyle, her current furnishings, budget and style preferences.  We put together a design board, created a true to scale floor plan illustration to show her where everything should go, provided her with step by step instructions on implementing her new design, and included a shopping list or "product source list" with links to the items we recommended for her. 

This true-to-scale floor plan illustrates how the new space looks from a birds eye view.  Tip: You will notice that just one standard sized coffee table wasn't large enough for this room so we used two rectangular tables, pushed together to form a square. 

To give this space warmth and character, we suggested a custom ceiling treatment.  Installing faux beams or a coffered ceiling in this room would be an amazing custom feature that would take this room design to the next level.  Details like this can be added at anytime, until Erica is ready to take on this project (or hire it out) her room will still look fantastic in the meantime.

The color palette we used in her design flows well with the other spaces in her home.  

She already has a few pieces of furniture that will be used in the new room.  To bring everything together into one cohesive design, we incorporated a few different styles in the new furnishings.  You will notice we used a rolled-arm sofa and a straight arm chair.  We also chose to mix and match our end tables and coffee table styles. 

We gave Erica two different choices for a new rug.  Both will look great in the space, the first option brings in a large, graphic pattern.  The second option adds color and texture to the design.  

For comfort and color we introduced these beautiful toss pillows to her new neutral sofas. 

We suggested placing an oversized clock over the sofa instead of artwork.  This large round classic looking clock will look amazing in between the windows behind the sofa.  Especially once the windows are dressed in new drapery.  This clock is available here.

We selected two different wall colors for Erica to choose between.  Both of these soft neutrals will look beautiful with the colors used throughout the rest of Erica's home.  We also suggested that Erica paint her dark wood trim with a soft white to brighten up the room and allow it to flow with the adjacent spaces. 

We recommended hanging drapery panels on every window and flanking the door.  We chose a navy panel in a gorgeous linen or cotton fabric.  This rich navy fabric will add beautiful contrast against the light neutral colored walls.  They will bring drama to the space in a very clean, quiet, sophisticated way. 

Upon entering Erica's new living room, the first thing you see is the sofa and the end tables.  To really make this area special, we chose two absolutely gorgeous lamps to be placed on each end table flanking the sofa.   These lamps are loaded with charm and character. The are simple in design, but the scale, style and fabulous burlap shade make them an amazing design element.  (Lamps are available here).

We also provided Erica with some accessory recommendations for the tables and the fireplace mantle to finish off the new space.   

Thank you, Erica for giving us the opportunity to create this design for you.  Enjoy your new living room!  We now have openings for new projects if you have a space that could use a makeover (click here for details).

For information on my affordable online design service please click here.

Product Source List
12’x15’ Rugs
Grand Sofa
Coffee Tables
End Table



  1. I love this room. Thanks so much for sharing your great designs along with where to buy them. It is such a great help to be able to actually know where things come from so we can incorporate into our own homes. Thanks again . Vicki

  2. Love this room! When you say painting the trim a soft white, do you recommend an off the shelf pure white or having the paint mixed to another shade of white?
    Thanks! - Emily V.


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