Last Minute Valentines Table Using Christmas Decor

Happy Valentines Day!  If you are a Valentines Day procrastinator, like me, this post is for you.  If you're not a procrastinator, tell me how you do Valentines Day in the comments.  While I am scrambling to set up a pretty table for dinner this evening, I thought I would share with you my secret to fabulous, last minute Valentines Day decor.  

This original post was from February 2013…
February is a busy time for my family.  Sadly,  preparing for Valentines Day gets lost in the shuffle.  However, on this day I still want my family to know they are special.

I usually do this by making a nice home cooked dinner and setting a festive table.

Since I wait to the last minute to prepare, I have to use what I have around the house.
 This year I used Christmas bulbs, our Christmas amaryllis and a large white serving tray to create a pretty, large scale centerpiece.  

I can definitely do Valentines decor when it's fast and free.  

How about you, are you a big Valentines Day decorator?

Happy Valentines Day to you and your sweeties.  
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  1. I think your table is very elegant and it tells the family that they are special. For my hubby and I? Every day is Valentines Day. May every day be sweet for you.

  2. Thank you for mentioning the whole procrastinator thing! I feel that it really depends of what you have time for when considering each holiday or event individually. I personally struggle with meeting my own expectations when I'm responsible for setting that bar so dang high! Its so important to remember what really matters in our lives :)


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