Low-Cost Thanksgiving Table And Source List

Recently, I shared the exciting article that was written by Houzz.com about my fall home tour.  One of the topics that came up during my interview with the writer from Houzz (Fred Albert) was my fall dining table.  There was so much to share about how this setting came together that I decided it needed it's very own blog post.  

My goal with this table setting was to create something that would last from Halloween through Thanksgiving with only a few tweaks.

Like many low cost decorating projects, this one began at some unlikely places.  Take Staples Office Supply Store for instance.  The Martha Stewart Home Office supply line carries the cutest chalk tags and erasable chalk markers.  I used them to make reusable place cards.  

The next place I ended up may not be so unusual for all, but not everyone pops into the thrift shop when setting their table.  I found the candlesticks and a fabulous set of black dishes on half off day at The Salvation Army.  

I mixed them in with our everyday white dishes (also a thrifted set) and colorful bowls.  The high contrast combination was perfect for Halloween.

To soften this table setting for Thanksgiving, I'm replacing the black dishes with a mismatched collection of vintage/replica transferware. 

When Houzz posted the article on my fall decor on their facebook page, the source of my orange bowls was immediately recognized.  Which leads me the next unlikely place I went to gather supplies…Walmart.  Yep.  I found these beautiful persimmon colored bowls for less than $2 each at Walmart. 

I liked they way the bowls complimented the orange sunflowers in my centerpiece. 
I posted a tutorial on how I created this large scale centerpiece using grocery store sunflowers and hydrangea from my front yard (click here if you missed it).  By placing the sunflowers in water but allowing the hydrangea to dry, I am able to use this centerpiece all season long by replacing the sunflowers as needed. 

I also use fresh flowers on the dining room buffet from the grocery store checkout.  
The grocery store rounds out the list of sources for my Thanksgiving table…
Staples, Salvation Army, Walmart, the front yard and the grocery store.  


The best part about this table setting is how versitile it is.  It not only covers two holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, but with a few changes it will take us right through Christmas.  

Click here to see how this table runner magically changes color for Christmas!   
Back to the design studio.  Have a great Monday!

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  1. I really enjoyed your fall table setting for both holidays. It's versatile,colorful and love that you shared your inexpensive sources. Anybody can afford this project. I'm a firm believer in being creative with your resources and funds. I particularly like your chalkboard tags. Thanks for sharing.


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