One Room, Six Different Rugs

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive about my online design plan service is… 
"Does your online design plan service include links to specific products that I can purchase?".  The answer is YES.  We also provide our thought process behind the pieces chosen for your design, so that in the event one of these specific products is not perfect for you, you can easily make a substitution.  

Using a recent family room design plan as an example, I'd like to demonstrate how amazing this space would look using 6 different rugs. We chose an area rug for this design plan based on three characteristics.  This particular design needed a rug with:  a bold graphic pattern,  a simple monochromatic color scheme and a mid-range price tag.

Here is the custom design board we created for this living room…

Here is the same design board using 5 different rugs all possessing the three characteristics mentioned above…

Contemporary chevron (graphic pattern…check, monochromatic…check, mid-range price…check).

Modern large scale (graphic pattern…check, monochromatic…check, mid-range price…check).

Herringbone (graphic pattern…check, monochromatic…check, price…check).

Chain link flat weave (graphic…check, monochromatic…check, price…check). 

Contemporary trellis (graphic…check, monochromatic…check, price…check).

This example also shows how you can easily change the look of your room over time. If you are a fan of change or like to keep up with current trends, swapping out an area rug, toss pillows or art is a great way to give your space a new look.  Equipped with the concepts provided in your design plan, you have the power to change things up and know that "it works". 

 Can you believe summer is almost over?  Now is the time to make a reservation for your custom online design plan to take full advantage of fall nesting fever.

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  1. What beautiful selections! Woild be difficult to choose! :)

    1. Carolyn, thanks. It's too much fun playing with pretty rugs! Thanks for stopping by. Sarah

  2. I like all the rugs! I have been shopping for rugs and stumbled on your website. Can you tell me where you find stylish rugs like this? Thank you!


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