Duck Dynasty, Enchanted Makeovers and a week in Jersey

Unless you are new to The Yellow Cape Cod, you're familiar with Enchanted Makeovers (if you are new, please click here to learn more).  Last week was their annual "She Is Me Gala", a celebration and fundraiser to help EM continue to expand.  I was invited to join the EM team in New Jersey to help them prepare for the gala and also serve as a greeter during this wonderful event.

My week with friend, Terry Grahl and the rest of the Enchanted Makeovers team in NJ went off with a bang.  The first day of this 5 day whirlwind started with these guys…

{Terry, Phil, Si, and I}

Phil, Si and Jep are the nicest men.  Totally normal and real, very refreshing.  Phil referred to me as "blondie" which was endearing.  Si was so sweet I wanted to throw him in my design bag and bring him home.  

Outside of being friendly, let's just say Jep... wasn't hard to look at.

 {Terry, Jep and I}

The excitement continued when we arrived at the home where we were guests for 5 days.  Out of courtesy to the family that opened their breathtaking home to us, I didn't take photographs.  Let me tell you, my camera was burning a hole in my purse.  The grand home was absolutely stunning and the Delaware Water Gap setting was a complete utopia.  Their hospitality was amazing (thank you for everything H and E). 

The second day, my friend DesAnn and I got a wild hair and hopped on a bus to New York City.  It was a crazy 3 hour bonsai trip that I'm so glad we took. 

{DesAnn and I}

For anyone who has never been to NYC, I grabbed you a pic of the naked cowboy...

You're Welcome. 

The third day was filled with preparations for the event.  Our team traveled to the Lackland Performing Arts Center in Hackettstown, NJ where the event was to be held.  Although we were working hard to set tables, decorate the space, set the stage for the presentation and create dozens of floral arrangements we managed to have a ton of fun in the process. 

The fourth day we took a little extra time having our coffee.  The rest of the day was spent preparing ourselves for the event.  "Getting ready" was a blast.  Picture nine ladies and three men in one home dressing and primping for a formal evening.  My stylist was my friend Britni Wilson.  She not only styled my hair but gave me a complete tutorial so I can attempt to recreate this look at home. 

While we were busy getting ourselves together, a team of Enchanted Makeovers volunteers traveled to a New Jersey area shelter to help our special guests get ready for the event.  Each lady residing at the shelter was invited to the Gala and received full make-up, hair style, formal gown, shoes and accessories.  Everyone looked amazing.

Once we all had our faux lashes securely fastened we headed to Hackettstown to get the party started. 

{me, Britni and Donajane}

The drive from the Delaware Water Gap, Pa. to Hackettstown, NJ. was another highlight of the trip.  Before I left home,  my friend Sara explained the area to me as  "ivy and horses".  Her description was spot on.  Staying true to EM's tradition, we stopped at an abandon train restaurant for a team photo.  Not only is this a fabulous backdrop for a pic but the symbolism of the train had unique meaning to each member of the team as we reflected on the moment we jumped on the EM express.

 {DesAnn, Terry, Ellen, Britni, Donajane, me, Tracey and Britney)

When we arrived at the Gala, my job was to greet guests and direct them down the "red carpet' to EM's photographer for a photo shoot.  The rest of the evening was filled with a viewing of Enchanted Makeovers most recent video, motivational presentations, delicious dinner and drinks and an exciting announcement by Terry Grahl regarding the brand new EM headquarters.  The best part of the evening was the time spent on the dance floor.

To see photos from the enchanted "She Is Me Gala 2013", please check out the Enchanted Makeovers website and like their facebook page.  Photos taken by EM's photographer will soon be posted. 

Thank you for letting me share my trip.  Thank you to Enchanted Makeovers for inviting me to be a part of the annual "She Is Me Gala".

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© Copyright 2013 The Yellow Cape Cod


  1. What a wonderful opportunity to be a part of! I'm glad you enjoyed NJ! The Delaware Water Gap area is so pretty isn't it?

  2. You have beautiful pictures!
    looks so much fun there!!

  3. What a fabulous event and opportunity! I know both Terry and DesAnn from years past (a former decorating professional group) and they are both dynamic ladies. Congrats to you all!

  4. I just love those Robertson men!!! Thanks for sharing. Looks like an awesome time!

    1. Me too Bonnie (love the dd family). They were wonderful. S

  5. So funny to see a picture of a landmark so close to my home (10minutes!) on your blog. Really getting a kick out of that!


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