A Custom Room Design Inspired By A Photo

Have you ever browsed Pinterest and absolutely fell in love with a room and wished your space could look like that?  If you have, send the picture to me when we start your room re-design.  

Today's featured online design plan is for Lynn's sitting room.  Before we began this project, Lynn sent us a photo of a space that she loved.  Using that photo as inspiration, we gave her a custom design with a similar feel...

Sending us an inspiration photo at the beginning of your online design consultation is a great way to start the project.  Even though this particular inspiration space was a nursery, it was a great way to illustrate the general look Lynn was drawn to.  Here is the photo she sent us:

We applied a lot of similar elements in Lynn's plan to give her a room that has the same feel as the inspiration space, but is not an exact replica.  Lynn's custom design plan is a unique design created specifically for her home.  

Lynn's sitting room is not a large space, however the new design is big on style and on function.  
Here is the true-to-scale floorplan we provided for Lynn's new sitting room...

The furniture arrangement we recommended gives her a cozy seating area under a sunny window, perfect for intimate conversations.  

Etsy was the source for this fabulous graphic artwork.  We recommended that Lynn purchase these gorgeous prints and have them framed/matted at her local craft supply store.  

If one gorgeous, oversized lamp is good, two is better.  These lamps will have a big presence in the space.  They are large in scale, yet their translucent quality keeps them feeling light.  

To warm up the cool color palette and to create a tidy display in Lynn's bookcase, we added dark natural textured baskets.

This is the second time we have had the opportunity to create an online design plan for Lynn.  Thank you, Lynn for having us in your beautiful home, again. 

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**Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share more specific details of her custom design plan.  Thank you for understanding.  

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  1. Is it possible you could share the color of the middle (third from top) color chip?


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