Whole House Design Plan

This weekend, I'll be busy making final preparations for my upcoming announcement. My family is just as excited as I am to wrap up the "secret operation" that's been going down behind the scenes.  After peeking in my design studio yesterday, my daughter asked my husband if "mom was becoming a hoarder".
Not my proudest moment. 

While I'm busy cleaning up, I'd like to share a recent Whole House Online Design Plan. 
 You may recognize a few of these spaces designed for my client, Evie.  I have shared a little bit this project before.  Today, I placed her family room, den, dining room and kitchen design plans together to show what a whole house online design plan looks like...

Putting it all together shows how the spaces flow.  Separating the plan illustrates how each space still has it's own personality.  Here is the breakdown:

The Kitchen

The Family Room

The Dining Room

The Den

Here they are together, again:

Evie's home has an open concept floor plan.  In order to achieve seamless flow (similar to the feel of a builder's model), we designed multiple rooms at the same time.  Because of the increasing desire for  "builder model flow", we are now offering a multi-room design plan discount (up to three spaces). 

For more information on my affordable online design service, please click here.  There is currently availability, however this time of year fills up fast.  
Have a great weekend!

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Product and Image Sources for this design plan can be found here:
Evie's Kitchen (click here)
Family Room (click here)
Dining Room (click here)
Evie's Den:


  1. Wow, why didn't I think of a whole house plan????

  2. Sarah, you so inspire me. Your design services are affordable and I so wish I could hire you! However, I have kids in college so I have to do it on my own.

    I posted today on my blog of a mood board I am doing for my family room. I have studied your designs and did the best I could to create something with what I have.

    One good note is that my husband will be installing the same laminate floor you have in the next month. I figured it is the best time to do some painting before the floor comes!

    Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. I feel like I am slowly improving!!

  3. A lovely plan for the home!


  4. Beautiful design! Everything really does flow so well together. Nice job!

  5. Love the colors and design!

  6. I love it! Your style fits my house perfectly so that's no surprise. I just received that brown and white chevron rug this week for my kids play room, but in navy and white. It even looks better than the picture!


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