Big Emtpy Walls~ Two Simple Solutions

{At the end of this post, I dropped one last hint about a big announcement coming soon}.
Recently, I asked you to share your decorating dilemmas with me.  One of the most popular responses  was how to deal with large empty walls.     

Today, I'd like to share two simple solutions using a recent online design project as an example. We had the privilege of creating an online design plan for the entire main level of a beautiful new home.  The family room was gigantic.  Soaring two story vaulted ceilings, floor to ceiling panoramic windows and an amazing two story fireplace gave the space a grand feeling.  However, these features also gave us the challenge of a lot of wall space. 

Solution # 1 Paint Trick

Using this photo as inspiration...

...the client painted the two story fireplace wall dark gray.  The color was a few shades darker than the main wall color.  This instantly helped to break up the empty wall space.  It created a dramatic focal point and grounded the large open space.  

Solution # 2 Sneaky Art Trick

Above is the art we placed in her family room.   Even though this pair of prints is oversized and large in scale...  still wasn't enough to fill the vast two story wall behind her sofa. 

Our solution was to purchase two sets and hang them as shown below: 

 By turning one set upside down, it gave the illusion that all four prints were different. 

Depending how tall your walls are, you could purchase three or four sets.  Turning them sideways is another variation.  In most cases, the hangers can be removed and repositioned on the back of the print.  If not, new hangers can be installed easily.  

 I'll be making an exciting announcement very soon.  The art featured in this plan may have something to do with it:).  If you're curious about the source of these prints, stay tuned!

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  1. Love the art and dramatic fireplace paint. Excited to hear your news!


  2. The art trick is so smart! Love the plan.

  3. Can I ask where you got the artwork???


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