Creating Builder Model Flow

Today's featured design boards are from a recent two-room online design plan project.
The spaces are a formal dining room and living room that are adjacent to one another in a home with an open concept floor plan.  The home is drop dead gorgeous, the design had to compliment the architecture as opposed to compete with it.  In order to do that, seamless flow was key. A two room design plan was perfect for this situation.  It allowed us to design both rooms at the same time to create "builder model flow". 

Two rooms, one design.  

The dining room…

The living room…

If you have visited a builder model recently,  you've probably noticed how every space has a similar design and color palette.  You will also notice how elements are repeated throughout the entire model.  In this design plan, my goal was to create "builder model flow" between the dining room and living room while keeping the design friendly, warm and inviting.  

I wanted the space to look like a lived-in home as opposed to an actual builder model.

Family photos, warm wood tones, character rich furnishings and personalized accessories allow the families personality to show.  Using a combination of new furnishings and the homeowners existing pieces keeps the space feeling familar, lived-in and welcoming.  

Here are the two spaces side by side...

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 If you are a fan of flow, a multi-room design plan is the way to go! ;)


  1. I love the pop of green against the gray. I used to have an open formal living and dining room before I turned the living room into a study. It can be a challenge to make them separate spaces, but flow together.

  2. What a wonderful mood board - love the color combination!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  3. I always appreciate your source lists! I love the green rug!!


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