Modern Farmhouse Design Plan

One of the best things about having an online design service is that I am able decorate homes in some pretty amazing locations.  Case in point, today's online design plan is for a home located in Brisbane, Australia.  

The challenge in designing this space was finding products that would be available for purchase "down under".  Thanks to IKEA, Target, Etsy~Australia and a few other online stores (see the product source list) it wasn't difficult at all.  

The homeowner was looking for a Modern Farmhouse style kitchen, living room and dining area. She already had a home full of amazing furniture, all she needed was the icing on the cake.  The biggest change I made to the space is a floor to ceiling, whole-wall, blackboard family photo gallery.  She wanted friends and family to feel "at home" when they came to visit.  I suggested the family photo wall to display a photo of each and every friend and family member with a chalkboard backdrop for fun interactive messages and doodlings.  Not only will this be a great conversation piece but it'll add a ton of interest and drama to the space. 


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  1. How fun to have decorated a home in Australia! Farmhouse is a style I've been getting more & more interested in lately. Love all your choices!

  2. Love what you've done here and what a unique challenge to make it work 'down under'. Well done. liz

  3. I just love it....couldn't be happier...Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Thanks, Kathy. It was such a pleasure working with you. Your home is beautiful and you are so sweet. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
      Best, Sarah

  4. I love everything about your blog. I am always showing your posts to my husband saying I want to decorate like you! Thanks for continuing to share!

  5. Modern farmhouse is fabulous and its what I'm trying to achieve in my kitchen so good ideas, keep em coming :)

  6. Modern farmhouse is what I'm trying to achieve in my kitchen so good ideas, keep em coming :)


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