Kid Space By Day, Adult Space By Night

I'd love to hear your kid-friendly space solutions.  At the end of this post, please share your tricks for keeping a hard-working, family-friendly space looking grown-up.  

Today's featured Online Design Plan belongs to a young family of three (four if you count the little guy on the sofa).  They were looking for a design plan that will allow their family room to function as a kid-friendly space by day and a sophisticated, relaxing adult space by night.  Their home is absolutely gorgeous.  They had a great start with a fabulous fireplace and beautiful moldings.

Here is what I came up with...

To keep the multifunctional room neat and tidy, I gave them lots of clever storage.  The homeowner already has a great collection of storage baskets.  Not only are they beautiful but perfect for quick toy clean up at night.  Additional storage for kid stuff was brought to the space with a sneaky-storage ottoman from Ballard Designs.  A pair of Andover Cabinets from Potterybarn are not only gorgeous but they will keep puzzles, games, and toys incognito.

Making the transition from a busy, day-time-family space to a calm, night-time-adult space will be a snap. 

Another 'must' for a kid-friendly, and pet-friendly, space is a slipcovered sofa.  
The PB Comfort sofa with a washable slipcover is perfect for family life.  The covers get softer with every wash.  I think this little guy will be very happy with his new sofa.

To give the room grown-up sophistication, I added tone on tone, color block drapes are from my favorite online source of custom drapery, Martha And Ash on Etsy.  The gorgeous Kravet fabric pillow covers are from another great Etsy Shop, Turquoise Tumbleweed.  

Now it's your turn, how do you keep your family friendly home looking grown up?

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  1. What a beautiful design!

    I'm thankful to have a play room upstairs and that's where we spent most of our time during the day when my kids were little. Now it's all about video game storage. I love the Ikea 8 cubby bookcase we bought to work as a tv console and storage in the play room.

  2. I just have to know what kind of dog is that in that picture? It is super cute!

  3. What a beautiful design - thanks for sharing!! I went out & immediately bought those pillows (and made sure the seller knew that you linked her from your blog). They'll be perfect in our living room!

  4. I converted the coat closet into kid storage with bookshelves, boxes, baskets, etc. I have 4 kids, ages 2 - 12. The shelf at the top of the closet is perfect for boxes and baskets of play-doh, paint, crayons, and arts and crafts. The bookshelves hold books, puzzles, bins of smaller toys. The larger baskets on the floor hold the Little People and other plastic toys that take up so much space. No one puts their coats away anyway, so I hung hooks near the back door for the coats. It works great because the little ones can't reach the bigger kids' toys, and I can close the doors at the end of the day and not see all of the playthings!


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