Forever Young Living Room Design Plan Video

Today's Online Design Plan is a living room belonging to a young family with an adorable house full of character-rich antiques.  The client asked me help her find her style and create a space that reflects her young, vibrant family.  My goal was to create a room design that is fresh and young, but still embraces her vintage home.

I used a combination of time-worn furnishings, a fresh color palette, and graphic pattern to create a timeless, forever young space...

I'm very excited to announce the details of my new, improved Online Design Service.  Due to high volume of requests {for which I'm incredibly grateful} I had to temporarily discontinue the service.  During this time, I've found ways to improve the turnaround time and streamline the process, making it easier for my clients.  

I'll be announcing the details of the new service {including pricing}  August 15th, 2012.  At that time I will also begin accepting new reservations.  Thank you to my current clients for your patience during this little back-up.  Until August 15th, I'll be sharing some of my recent online design projects.  

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